About six months before completing Bounce Back Stronger — Finding Peace and Purpose No Matter What Happens, I led a writing retreat in Duck, NC. On a whim, I covered one of our tables with a coloring tablecloth and a bowl of crayons and markers.

Feeling a bit self-conscious, I hoped the attendees wouldn’t perceive the table covering as too childish. However, the outcome was the opposite. Retreat participants gathered around the tablecloth during almost every free moment, reveling in the relaxing creative practice.

Inspired by this response, I decided to include the enclosed affirmation coloring pages in the book. Each page showcases one of the empowering affirmations of resilience, peace, and purpose found within Bounce Back Stronger. Alongside these coloring pages, you’ll find inspirational quotes from the book.

So, gather your favorite coloring tools, pick a page that speaks to you, and let your creativity flow.

Happy coloring,

Donna Y. Ferris

P.S. For those eager to delve deeper into the insights from Bounce Back Stronger and discover additional tools for resilience, peace, and purpose, you can purchase the book through this link or listen to interviews with the authors cited in the book (including Sharon Salzberg, Stephen Cope, Maria Sirois, and Erin Byron) by listening to the Bounce Back Stronger podcast here.

P.P.S. Access to the free guided meditations included within Bounce Back Stronger are here.

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