About Donna

Donna Y. Ferris is a mother, rescue momma, and fintech executive with an MBA and CFA who mentors individuals to shape meaningful careers and lives. She holds an inner MBA and career/life coaching, yoga therapy, and Reiki Master designations, hosts the Bounce Back Stronger podcast, and authored the memoir We’ve Got to Stop Meeting Like This. Bounce Back Stronger is a follow-up to that book.

What if every setback was a stepping stone to the life you really want?

In this refreshingly honest, compassionate, and compelling guide, resilience expert, life/career coach, and yoga therapist Donna Y. Ferris shares insights from decades of successfully balancing a thriving home life with a corporate career. Each bite-sized chapter is filled with humor, wisdom, and science, empowering you to:

  • Rewire your brain so you can overcome life’s challenges
  • Act in the way you want rather than react to what comes your way
  • Expand your bubble to find a community of lasting support and connection
  • Convert the energy of loss into healthy activities and behaviors that bring you joy
  • Create a purposeful life you love

Full of achievable baby steps, and vulnerable personal stories, Bounce Back Stronger is not just a book; it’s a roadmap for anyone ready to move forward and build the life they truly want.” Are you ready to take the first step?

“Bouncing back from life’s challenges is how we build up our capacity for resilience and Ferris’ book offers readers a kind helping hand in doing so. This book is an ode to small moments every day– knowing and trusting what will unfold when we commit to ourselves for the sake of our healing.”  

~ Sharon Salzberg, author of Lovingkindness and Real Life

Donna seems to have it all – a generous husband, two healthy kids, a Jersey shore home – but something is missing.

When she signs up for yoga teacher training, her carefully cultivated life begins to crumble. Her husband is having an affair. Dangerous childhood secrets resurface. Her career goes sideways. And she doesn’t even like yoga…yet.

As Donna reels and heals, she discovers love, rescues dogs, and confronts another crisis of faith when her mother falls ill.

A devastating but funny, life-affirming love story, We’ve Got to Stop Meeting Like This is for anyone who has ever dared to fight for what matters – and believes it’s never too late to find love or enlightenment.

But not necessarily in that order.

Get it.

~Kirkus Reviews

This humorous, touching work brings inspiration and guidance to those facing the unexpected shadows life may cast. Magical.

~Erin Byron

Featured Podcast Episodes

The podcast where host Donna Ferris, author, yoga therapist, and life coach,

embarks on a journey to uncover the secrets of those who’ve thrived through tough times.

Who’ve surmounted the odds to Bounce Back Stronger.

May we all benefit from their stories of resilience, hope, and triumph.

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